Arkane’s Redfall Will not Launch with Performance Mode on Xbox Series X

Arkane’s latest game Redfall is coming to consoles this year. The title has players teaming up as modern-day Van Helsings to take on hordes of Vampires. While the game seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun, players on the Xbox version are going to be limited in the way the game. That’s because Arkane has announced that Redfall is going to launch with Quality Mode only.

Redfall Forgoes Performance Mode for Launch

REdfall gets nop performance mode

The Xbox Series X is a powerful console, but it’s not a PC. Players cannot change graphics settings on a whim. While this may not be an issue for some players, many players like to play their games at a higher frame rate. Developers have taken it upon themselves to add “Quality” and “Performance” modes to their games. It’s similar to how graphics change on a PC, since these graphics presets allow for 60 FPS gameplay on consoles or 30 with 4K resolution.

However, with the release of Redfall, this option isn’t going to be included. According to a tweet made by the official account, Redfall will only have a quality mode targeting 30FPS at 4K resolution. However, they mention in the same tweet that a performance mode will be coming at a later date. Although, they have not mentioned when that might be.

Players in the comments are not happy at the prospect. After all, many players want to play their games at a smooth framerate. 60 FPS is now considered the bare minimum. This has also brought to light some other issues with the game as well, with one user @blackheartLJV mentioning other glaring issues with the game:

With everything in mind, players are asking for Redfall to be delayed until these issues are fixed, as it should be released in a state where players can have a fulfilling experience. Whether or not the developers will hear their call remains to be seen. Still, we can probably expect these options to arrive in a future update.