Astroneer Hoverboard | How to Unlock

If you’re sick of running around planets in Astroneer, it might be time to get your hands on the hoverboard. It’s not only extremely cool, but it’s also a much more efficient way to travel and carry items between points on a planet than running. However, before you can enjoy your new ride, you must first complete a chain of missions to unlock the hoverboard and it’s schematic. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through each step in this guide!

How to Unlock the Hoverboard in Astroneer

How to Unlock the Hoverboard in Astroneer

To unlock the Hoverboard in Astroneer, first, complete the Prototype Recovery mission. If that mission isn’t in your mission log, you’ll first need to complete the To Parts Unknown mission to unlock it.

The Prototype Recovery mission will take you to Desolo, where you’ll find an EXO Cache labeled “Vehicle Data Recorder”. You’ll need to blow up the cache with dynamite to get the EXO Chip, so bring some with you. Obtaining the EXO Chip will enable the mission Tracing and Transmission, the next step in the process. Also, hold on to that EXO Chip, as you’ll need it for the mission.

The mission, Tracing and Transmission, will reveal the location of the MAT on Desolo. Once you’ve located the MAT, simply slide the EXO Chip you received earlier into it to reveal two new missions. The first will instruct you to obtain two copper and zinc, and when you return to it with the material, you will discover that it will additionally instruct you to obtain two plastic and aluminum alloy. This is a little annoying, so best to come prepared with all eight resources ahead of time.

Once you’ve provided all eight resources to the MAT, the last mission, Onboarding, will unlock. Fortunately, this is the simplest mission of them all, as all you have to do is activate the MAT to receive the Hoverboard, its schematic, and a QT-RTG power source as a reward. A cool aspect to note is that with the Hoverboard, you can transport items of any weight and size, including Tier 4 objects, simply by carrying them. Negating the use of packaging them up and transporting them on a rover.