Astroneer Plastic | How to Get

Plastic is an essential resource in Astroneer that you’ll surely need at some point in your galactic journey. Mainly, plastic enables you to build a Medium Rover, Shelter, Atmospheric Condenser, and storage canisters for resources, fluid, and soil. All of these will be required at some point. That’s why it is critical that you understand how to get and make plastic, as it is not a readily available resource. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered by showing you exactly to synthesize it.

How to Get Plastic in Astroneer

How to Get Plastic in Astroneer

To get plastic in Astroneer, you’ll need to combine one carbon and one compound in your chemistry lab. To get carbon, you’ll need to gather organic material and smelt it down in your smelting furnace. Then there’s compound, which should be self-explanatory at this point because compound clusters can be found virtually anywhere on any planet. Once you have both materials, simply place them on the chemistry lab, start it up, and you’ll have yourself one plastic.

Since the chemistry lab is required to make plastic, we’ll also tell you how to build it. The chemistry lab is made on you’re reading printer and requires one tungsten, glass, and ceramic. To make ceramic, simply smelt clay in your smelting furnace. Glass is made by putting quartz in your smelting furnace. Last is tungsten, and it’s a little more difficult to obtain.

Wolframite is the main resource needed to make tungsten. As you might have guessed, it needs to be melted in your smelting furnace. Wolframite is only found on two planets. There’s the caves on planet Desolo, and in the mountainous biome and mantle layers of planet Calidor. It can’t be found on the starting planet of Sylva, so you will need a shuttle to get to these locations.

The chemistry lab is a multi-step process, but it’s well worth it when you consider the value of plastic and what it can do. Such as the Medium Rover, Shelter, and Atmospheric Condenser, all of which are required to progress at some point.