Astroneer Shredder | How to Salvage Debris

One item you’ll find far and wide on any planet in Astroneer is debris. However, it is not made clear from the start that salvaging debris is very efficient way to produce valuable resources from the Trade Platform. By using a Shredder, you can salvage all that old debris into scrap. In this guide, we will show you how to make a Shredder and further salvage debris into scrap that you can trade for a variety of resources.

How to Scrap and Salvage Debris in Astroneer

How to Scrap and Salvage Debris in Astroneer

To salvage debris in Astroneer, you’ll need to make a Shredder. Shredders turn debris as well as other unwanted items into scrap. Scrap can then be exchanged at the Trade Platform for various materials, including minerals.

Before you can start scrapping, you’ll need to build a Shredder. There are three types: Medium, Large, and Extra Large, each able to handle varying sizes of debris. We recommend you go for a Large Shredder, which can be built at the Medium Printer for one tungsten carbide, iron, and one Exo Chip. You can make a Medium Shredder for two iron at the Small Printer, but any large debris you find will need to be blown up with dynamite into smaller pieces.

The Extra-Large Shredder can handle large amounts of debris and can even demolish entire structures without the use of dynamite. However, it’s also the hardest Shredder to get in the game. It will cost you two Exo Chips, one tungsten carbide, and one steel at the Large Printer.

To start with, a Medium or Large Shredder will do you just fine. The Large one fits onto large Rovers, which is excellent for scrapping on-the-go on planets like Sylva.

Once you’ve put your debris in you’re Shredder, it will convert it to scrap. The scrap you salvage can be traded at the Trade Platform for loads of resources. If you don’t have the Trade Platform yet, you can make it at the Medium Printer for one Exo Chip, tungsten, and iron. Then you can trade the shredder scrap for the following resources at the Trade Platform:

Trade Platform Resources and Costs

  • Compound x2
  • Resin x2
  • Organic x2
  • Clay x2
  • Quartz x2
  • Graphite x2
  • Sphalerite x2
  • Ammonium x1
  • Laterite x1
  • Malachite x1
  • Titanite x1 (requires 2)
  • Wolframite x2 (requires 3)
  • Hematite x2 (requires 3)
  • Lithium x1 (requires 4)

Trading for resources is the only use for scrap in Astroneer. However, it’s a great way to make use of all the debris you have lying around, as well as a much more efficient way to obtain resources quickly.

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