Astroneer Sylva Core | How to Find

When you reach late game Astroneer, your Mission Log will begin to provide you with quests that go beyond printing structures and gathering resources. Instead, it will set you off to discover the hidden secrets of each planet, such as activating gateways or a planet’s core. And the first core you’ll want to activate is the one on Sylva, as that’s where our journey began. The good news is that finding the core on Sylva is relatively simple. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how and where to find it, and what you’ll need once you get there.

How to Find the Sylva Core in Astroneer

Where to Find the Sylva Core in Astroneer
This is what the Sylva core looks like, so you’ll know when you’ve arrived.

To find the Sylva core, you simply need to dig straight down from any point on the planet’s surface. That’s right, the core on Sylva is located right in the heart of the planet, making it easy enough to find. However, we’re going to need much more than a Terrain Tool to get there.

To get to the core, you’ll want a Tractor and a Trailer connected by Power Cables. Then, to dig through the multiple crust layers of the planet, you’ll need a strength-three drill. You can craft one with one titanium alloy and one diamond at the Small Printer. Once you’ve got it, attach your the drill to the head of your tractor. Finally, you’ll need to attach an RTG to your trailer to power the drill throughout the trip. With this setup, you can dig your way all the way to Sylva’s core.

Most likely the reason you’re going to the Sylva core is to complete the mission “A Core Concept”, which tasks you with activating the planet’s core. If that’s the case, you’ll need to bring three Quartz to activate the three platforms, so keep that in mind. If not, you can’t activate it, and will end up having to dig you’re way back out. With that, make sure to bring packages to pack your tractor, drill, and power, or you’ll have to dig your way out if you want to see these items again.

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