Astroneer | What to Bring to A New Planet

Astroneer has seven planets for you to explore, all of which you’ll want to visit at some point. That’s why it’s worth knowing the essentials of what to bring to a new planet, instead of figuring it out by trial and error. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realizing you forgot a vital item, forcing you to restart your journey. But if you follow this guide, you won’t have to worry about that because we’ll show you exactly what you’ll need to set up shop on a new planet.

What To Bring to A New Planet in Astroneer

What To Bring to A New Planet in Astroneer

The first step in deciding what to bring to a new planet is determined by your shuttle. That’s why we’ve included two guides below that are ideal for either a Small or Medium shuttle. Keep in mind that no matter which shuttle you use or which thruster you use, you should bring extra thruster resources. You don’t want to be stranded on a planet with no way of returning home.

Small Shuttle:

To begin, use the packager to pack a Medium Platform, Oxygenator, and a Small and Medium Printer. All of this can be loaded onto a medium storage unit. You’ll also need some power, so bring two of whatever power you want, we went with a small wind turbine and a small solar. Then we load the last spots with a small generator and some vital organic. Rather than bringing the materials to make these items, this method saves us time and space.

Then you’ll need oxygen, which we keep in our backpacks. If you have oxygen tanks put them in your backpack; if not, Tender Bundles will suffice for the time you’re there. Then, in the remaining slots, pack any additional resources you think you’ll need. For us, that usually means stockpiling Resin and Compound so we don’t have to dig for them after we land.

Medium Shuttle:

If you take the Medium Shuttle, utilize the same setup, but you’ll have a couple of extra slots to work with. That means you can package and take any two-item combination you want. It could be a Large Platform, a Soil Centrifuge, a Smelting Furnace, or even extra storage; the choice is yours.

There you have it, those are the essentials of what to bring to a new planet. For more help with Astroneer, check out some of our other guides: