Atomic Heart Crispy Critters | What Does It Mean?

The dialogue of Atomic Heart is filled with loads of bizarre quotes and colorful anecdotes. However, the most famous phrase of them all also happens to be the most confusing one in the game. The term “Crispy Critters” often gets thrown around by the protagonist whenever he encounters something not to his liking. Because of its consistent presence, a large number of players now want to know what it actually means. Keep reading on because you’ll be able to find out exactly that and more below.

What Does Crispy Critters Mean in Atomic Heart?

What Does Crispy Critters Mean in Atomic Heart?

The phrase “Crispy Critters” is essentially a description of a person that has been badly burned. However, P-3’s constant use of it may be due to the fact that a medic used the term to describe him and his wife after they were caught in an explosion during a mission.

After being retrieved by their allies, both agents returned in a coma because of the heavy injuries that they suffered. Unfortunately, P-3’s wife suffered most of the damage, and she eventually succumbed to her injuries. Fortunately, the Major’s wounds weren’t as severe, so Sechenov and the others were able to save him.

Crispy Critters meaning

While P-3 was still in a coma, a medic was then seemingly heard describing him and his wife upon their return as Crispy Critters. This triggered a reaction within the Major and he apparently started strangling the medic.

At this point, the staff decided to subdue him by shouting, “We’re under fire!” This allegedly caused P-3 to duck for cover, after which he hit his head and subsequently passed out. After the incident, the phrase Crispy Critters became a consistent part of his vocabulary.

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