Atomic Heart Gold Rings | Where to Find

There are a variety of curious objects that you’ll be able to discover during your playthrough of Atomic Heart. However, one that seems to escape the grasp of players worldwide are the elusive Gold Rings. These objects are often asked for by different characters in the game, which makes its absence throughout all the more confusing. Luckily, we’re here to show you exactly where you can find it, so you won’t have to search any longer.

Where to Find Gold Rings in Atomic Heart

Where to Find Gold Rings in Atomic Heart

The Gold Rings can’t actually be found. Instead, they are casually given to you by Petrov during a gruesome cutscene. However, it isn’t actually explicitly shown or stated in the game, which may be why most people tend to miss it.

In the mission Petrov of Opera, you eventually corner Petrov at the Theater after a prolonged search for the programmer. Once you reach him at the main auditorium, though, he initially goes on an extended monologue.

Towards the end of his speech, he throws a package to P-3 and instructs him to “give it to Larisa.” Unfortunately, players aren’t given enough time to process what happened as Petrov’s head then gets cut off by one of the machines circling the stage.

Afterwards, P-3 starts developing suspicions about Sechenov and his motives with the activation of Kollektiv. Most of what Petrov said were still ringing in his ears and Sechenov’s request to bring the programmer’s head made the protagonist all the more confused.

Even though the protagonist is in possession of the Gold Rings during this time, he still doesn’t know it yet. However, these objects are still incredibly important as they will eventually play a pivotal part in the game’s ending.

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