Atomic Heart | How to Get Into Testing Ground 1

Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart are puzzle-filled areas that contain highly valuable loot. There are a total of eight you can discover throughout the game and each one has its own corresponding number you can use to identify it. One of the first ones you’ll encounter is Testing Ground 1, however, getting into it can often be difficult. Luckily, we’re here to show you how you can enter it so you can start solving the puzzles inside.

How to Get Into Testing Ground 1 in Atomic Heart

How to Get Into Testing Ground 1 in Atomic Heart

To get into Testing Ground 1, you will need to head to the cargo container-filled area beside the Arena. Keep in mind that this location will be crawling with robots so you’ll need to keep your weapon out. Here, you’ll be able to find the entrance to the Testing Ground in question, although it’s initially locked.

Testing Ground 1

In order to open it, walk over to the elevated platform on the north side of Testing Ground 1. Once you’ve climbed it, there will be a machine at the top that you can use to control the cameras of the surrounding area.

camera device

You will need to interact with the device to use the nearby cameras. Then, on the map that pops up, select the yellow node on the left side of the question mark. This will give you access to a camera that’s directly in front of Testing Ground 1’s entrance. You’ll then have to point the camera at the door after which you’ll be able to interact with it to open it.

As soon as it’s opened, exit out of the camera controlling device and head over to it. There should be a button located inside the structure that you can use to call up an elevator. Simply take it all the way down and you’ll have already entered Testing Ground 1.

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