Atomic Heart | How to Use Cartridge

Atomic Heart contains a large variety of equipment that players can use throughout their journey. Though most of the popular ones often include guns and melee weapons, there are also some utility items that are incredibly important in increasing your firepower. One in-game example that comes to mind are the cartridge guns, which you can equip to give your weapons elemental damage. If you’re having trouble finding out how to use them, then we’ve got you covered.

How to Use Cartridge in Atomic Heart

How to Use Cartridge in Atomic Heart

In order to use a Cartridge in Atomic Heart, you will first need to craft one at a NORA machine. Before you can install it to your weapon, however, you’ll also have to purchase the Cartridge Module upgrade first.

After you’ve crafted it and bought the weapon upgrade, you’ll be able to equip it on PC by pressing the scroll wheel on your mouse and clicking the right mouse button. On the other hand, console players will need to press the X/square button to bring up the item wheel. You can then use your trigger button to equip it afterwards.

Once the cartridge is equipped, you’ll simply need to shoot your weapon at an enemy to get the desired effect. There are three types of cartridge elements in the game, namely Fire, Ice, and Electric. Whichever one is equipped will deal elemental damage of the same type when fired.

Keep in mind that the amount of times you can use a cartridge is indicated by the hexagonal gauge on the lower right hand corner. Firing your weapon will deplete this gauge continuously until it eventually runs out.

To avoid running out quickly, you can purchase further Cartridge Module upgrade through the NORA machine. Alternatively, you can also craft more Cartridges instead, which you can then bring into the field.