Atomic Heart Is Coming to Game Pass Day One

Gaming these days seems to be heavily focused on remakes and sequels to existing IPs. But, every so often there comes a game that does something new, and gives players a fresh take. Mundfish’s Atomic Heart is one of those games. And luckily for Game Pass Subscribers, it’s coming to Game Pass day one.

Atomic Heart Lands On Xbox Game Pass Day One

Xbox Brings Atomic Heart to Gamepass Day One

Atomic Heart has been an elusive title, having been announced by the developer back in 2017. Though the setup was a mystery at the time, the game promised a few things. Namely, it promised an alternate-universe USSR, and childish-but-terrifying killer robots.

However, the game ended up being delayed over and over — at least until now. The game is set to release on February 20, 2023. Even better, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to the game launching on Game Pass the moment it comes out.

According to the new gameplay overview trailer for the game, the story takes place in an alternative USSR in the 1950s. A USSR that’s given manual labor to the robots, with the citizens of this utopia dedicating themselves to the arts. However, when they launch the second generation of their AI network, things go haywire. As you, the player is sent in to restore the network and save this rapidly collapsing society.

Armed with an AI Companion in your glove, you can bend the laws of physics to survive, and build your arsenal as you take on angry automatons, meet with survivors, and uncover the secrets of this colorful, yet horrifying world.

With the game releasing on Game Pass, subscribers will be able to play day one. This means the moment the game launches, players who have subscribed to the game pass will be able to enjoy the full experience at no extra cost to themselves. This has been a bold move for Microsoft and Xbox. They’ve been promoting their “Netflix for Games” for a while now and to great success. This is also good for Mundfish, as more players who are apprehensive about Atomic Heart, will be willing to give it a chance through Game Pass.