Atomic Heart Kalash Location | Where to Find

You’ll be able to use a variety of unique and deadly weapons throughout your adventure in Atomic Heart. However, none are arguably more effective and lethal than the quick-firing and hard-hitting Kalash. Unfortunately, finding and acquiring this firearm is easier said than done since there are several sizable locations in the game. But, as always, we’ve done all the hard work for you so you won’t have to keep searching. Here’s where you can find the Kalash.

Where to Find Kalash in Atomic Heart

Where to Find Kalash in Atomic Heart

You’ll be able to find the Kalash blueprint inside a chest on the second floor of the exhibition center. Before you can get inside the room holding the chests, however, you’ll first need to obtain three Moon Canisters. After you’ve gathered all three, you can insert them in the mechanism beside the room to unlock the door.

It’s also important to note that the area in question is only accessible through a specific main story quest. Once you’ve started this particular quest, you can then head to the second floor immediately if you choose to do so. Remember to keep your gun out during this time because there will be a few Lab Tech robots roaming the area.

first canister

You can find the first Moon Canister on one of the vases in front of the mechanism itself. You can then insert it in the machine as soon as you’ve found it.

second canister

Next, you’ll be able to locate the second one inside the room to the left of the mechanism. It’ll be sitting on the lap of a deceased worker, which means you can take it since he doesn’t need it.

third canister

Finally, the last Moon Canister can be found in the area past the door near where you found the second canister. You can open the door by talking to the dead body beside it called the Oracle. After a short conversation, the all-knowing cadaver will prove its power to you by unlocking the door.

Once it’s open, simply follow the path until you reach the room with the Engineer robot. Here, you’ll be able to find the canister lying on the floor in front of the large plant display. However, as soon as you pick it up, robots will immediately start attacking you. You will then need to destroy all of them to get out of the room again.

Now that you have all three Canisters, insert all of them into the mechanism to unlock the door. There will be two chests within, one of which contains the important Kalash blueprint.

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