Attack on Titan Slashes into Fortnite in Latest Update

Fortnite‘s mid-season update is here, and with plenty of content for players to enjoy. Fortnite has always been a who’s who of characters for players to unlock through the battle pass. The last season included both the Doom Slayer and Geralt of Rivia. Now, the special unlockable character this season is none other than Eren Jager of Attack on Titan Fame.

Everything New in the Fortnite Mid-Season Update

AoT Joins Fortnite

Covered in an official patch notes blogpost, Fortnite’s new content update includes a handful of things for players to enjoy. The most recent one of course being Attack on Titan content coming into the game.

Scattered around the map are Scout Regiment Footlockers, which include a handful of new weapons to try out. Opening the footlockers will give you access to either the ODM Gear or Thunder Spears. The ODM Gear functions similarly to the web shooter and grappling hooks from previous seasons, which will allow you to swing around the map.

However, the ODM gear doesn’t function like the normal grappling hooks. It comes with the ability to attack while in the air, being able to use the swords that come with the gear to destroy enemies. The thunder spears are arm-mounted rocket launchers that penetrate through buildings, exploding on both sides.

Also included in this update is the Jager Family Basement, an important setpiece surrounding the Lore of Attack on Titan. The location is found hidden away in anvil square, where it is up to the players to find out. But, it’s one of the guaranteed spawns for Scout Regiment Footlockers.

Also included in the update are the quests to unlock the Eren Jager Skin. This is exclusive to the battle pass, so players will have to cough up 950 V-Bucks if they want to unlock it for themselves. Misaka and Captain Levi are also included in the game, being brought into the game through the item shop.

Weapons like the Port-a-Bunker are being brought back into the game with this new update as well. The Dirt Bike will also be un-vaulted, allowing you to do sick tricks while blasting enemies at fast speeds.