Call Of Duty Players Are Upset With The Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Bundle

Microtransactions have been a reoccurring motif in just about every game that’s come out this year. While this has slowly started to become the norm, players have sucked it up due to one caveat developers have made: All items purchased in the store are cosmetic only. Or, so it was supposed to be, until Call of Duty released their newest bundle. Now, players are concerned that Call of Duty DMZ is becoming pay-to-win. And here’s why.

Call of Duty‘s Latest Bundle Makes DMZ Pay to Win

Call of Duty got a Pay to Win Bundle

Companies have been able to get away with selling skins thanks to the promise that all skins are cosmetic only. Players have agreed that a free game should not give advantages to those who spend money on the game. This has been the case for titles like Fortnite and Overwatch for years now.

However, the “Bomb Squad Cosmetic Bundle” promises some extra benefits to Warzone 2’s new DMZ mode. Three of the standout benefits include:

  • An Extra Active Duty Slot
  • Boom Proof LMG With a Reduced Cooldown Timer
  • Spawning in with a Medium Backpack When Using the Bomb Squad Skin

While these sound like fine perks for players, they are locked behind a bundle that costs money. However, some of these perks are game changers for players.

Being able to drop into a game pre-equipped with a medium backpack saves a massive chunk of time in a game mode where time is not on your side. On top of this, the Boom Proof LMG has a reduced cooldown when you insure your weapon.

Normally, insuring your weapon means if you die without exfilling, you lose an active duty slot, and the weapon for 2 hours. However, with the new LMG found only in the pack, you’ll be bypassing over 75% of the waiting time before being able to jump back into the game.

Many players are extremely upset by this especially with other leaks coming out, showcasing a possible skin that gives players a free “Self-Revive Kit” allowing them to have an extra life without having to look for one.