Call of Duty Selling Iconic Ray Gun Replicas for $600

Call of Duty has been a staple of the FPS genre for ages now. From their original title on the PC, to now spanning over 19 titles, and a plethora of players involved in both Warzone and the mainline titles. However, one secret mode hidden in 2008’s Call of Duty World at War would change the face of the brand forever. This hidden mode was also the player’s first introduction to one of their most iconic weapons: the Ray Gun. And now, you can own a replica of this infamous weapon for yourself — assuming you can pay the price.

Activision is Selling COD Ray Gun Replicas for $600

Ray Gun Comes to Life for 600

With how important the Ray Gun is to Zombies history and to Treyarch’s Call of Duty as a whole, Activision is selling a replica of the weapon. In a blog post entitled “Ray Gun Retrospective: The History of the iconic Wonder Weapon,” the team go into detail about the history of the weapon.

The blog post has quotes from some of the most important people in the weapon’s history, including Maxwell Porter. Porter is the man responsible for designing the weapon, basing it off of old-timey cereal box space weapons found during World At War‘s time frame. His name has been immortalized in the game through the Zombies mode.

Pack-a-Punching the Ray Gun in-game will increase its firepower, and turn it into the “Porter’s X2 Ray Gun” referencing Maxwell Porter as the mind behind the iconic weapon.

As famous as the weapon is, there are more wonder weapons now. However, the Ray Gun has been and will always be the first. Activision knows the importance of the weapon, and is now selling it as a replica for players to buy. Currently, the weapon is on pre-order, and it’s planning on going for a whopping $600 MSRP.

However, plenty of players who have yearned for a ray gun of their own think that the official replica is a steep price, citing Esty having versions of the weapon that look better, and even function with sound, lights, and reloadable batteries.

While this is a very hefty price, die-hard zombies fans will get a 1:1 scale replica of the iconic weapon, which lights up like in the game. The weapon sits on a stand, which is a small replica of the Mystery Box from Call of Duty Zombies.

Right now, the weapon is sold out, but restocking is planned according to the website here.