Conan Exiles Compost Heap | How to Use

Conan Exiles may look like another survival crafting title on the surface. The truth is that it’s a genuinely faithful adaptation of the Conan series. However, you’re not as powerful as Conan, so you have to make do with what the world gives you. One of the ways to keep your strength up is by farming, and farming becomes a lot easier when you use the compost heap. Still, even if you’re aware of it, you may not understand quite how it works. For that, we can provide some assistance.

How to Use the Compost Heap in Conan Exiles

How to Use the Compost Heap in Conan Exiles

The compost heap requires you to have the “Peasant” knowledge unlocked. So long as that’s done, you only need 20 Shaped Wood in order to build it. From there, it’s all about what you do with it.

The point of using the compost heap is to help you grow plants faster. Putting items into the compost heap makes them decay at a extremely fast rate. Basically, you put organic materials items into the heap to turn them into compost, which can then be used in planters. You can also use this on items which take time to change states.

For example, you can speed up the hatching of a pet by putting the egg into the compost heap, but taking it out before it becomes compost. Leaving compost inside of the compost heap will also generate fat grubs. These grubs will spawn in once every 30 seconds. This method can be used to help you create a farm for silk, setting you up for advanced materials like Layered Silk.

If you happen to combine your compost with other materials like Raw Ash and dung, or Raw Ash and blood, you can make Potent Compost. This material can help the growth of rare plants like Grey Lotus Flowers.

Put simply, the compost heap is a very important part of any base. Farming, survival, or otherwise, it should be included in every player’s arsenal.