Conan Exiles Honey | How to Get

Through all the combat and building in Conan Exiles, farming and animal cultivation is a simple, and effective ways to garner resources without having to put in much effort. Honey, is one of the few resources produced by the fauna of the Exiled Lands, but getting it started is another story.

How to Get Honey in Conan Exiles

How to Get Honey in Conan Exiles
To get honey in Conan Exiles, you’ll need to craft a beehive and fill it with bees. To start, you need to get some wood and twine. This begins by chopping down trees with an axe for wood. Once you get those, you’ll have to find some twine. Twine can be made easily by finding Plant Fiber around the world, just a few pieces can net you some twine. Once this is done, use your building hammer to make a beehive.

With the beehive made, the next thing you’ll need is bees. If you want to get bees, you’re going to have to harvest flora. Every time you harvest a flower or a plant, you’ll have a chance to find a bee. On some occasions, you may even find a queen bee. You can take these bees, and put them in the hive. The more bees you have, the more of a chance you’ll have to make more honey.

Queen bees produce more honey but have a chance to produce extra. The same goes for worker bees too. However, Queen Bees have a 90% Chance to produce 10 Honey, whereas worker Bees produce only 1.

It’s recommended that you put your queen bees in the hives and use the worker bees for traps. You can use the honey you get to help tame animals. Honey can be used with bears, as well as make Shaggai Drone pets to help you fight in combat scenarios. But, you should always make sure you have more than enough honey.