Conan Exiles | How to Farm Resin Quickly

After spending time in Conan Exiles, there’s a material you might find that you use a lot during your travels. We speak of resin, the blood of trees. It’s used in a lot of materials, but you just don’t ever seem to have enough of it. Luckily, there’s a way to get some quickly, if you’re skilled enough.

How to Farm Resin Quickly in Conan Exiles

How to Farm Resin Quickly in Conan Exiles

If you’re looking to farm resin, then you’re going to have to understand how it works. You cannot go to a tree and cut it down with an axe to get this material. That may give you wood, but you won’t receive any resin for it. However, you are on the right path.

To farm resin in Conan Exiles, you need to use a Pick, not a Pickaxe, on a tree. This will net you a sizeable amount, but render the tree worthless for use otherwise.

If you’re just using the tree for resin, you can head to the Highlands, or the Tundra. There, where trees are more bountiful, you have a greater chance of stocking up. It’s a bit time consuming, but at least you won’t have to keep hunting for trees.

If you’re willing to use another means, there’s always the Dryer. This crafting buildable can be used by players to make Dry Wood. It can also give you one resin per wood. It’s useful if you know what you’re doing. But the pick may be the best way to go if you’re someone who is just starting out with Conan Exiles.

As of right now, these are the only two ways to farm resin in the Exiled lands. If you’re just looking for a fast way to get resin, there’s no single trick. A mix of moving to where the trees are plenty, as well as mixing up both using a pick, and using the dryer are the way to go.

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