Conan Exiles | How to Remove Corruption

Conan Exiles allows players to build and fight their way through Conan’s world. However, danger lurks around every corner, in forms of both beast and magic. Unskilled or unprepared players may find themselves falling victim to the dangerous affliction known as Corruption. This debuff will slowly drain all of your character’s vitality if not quickly addressed. Here’s a look at what you need to stay protected.

How to Remove Corruption in Conan Exiles

How to Remove Corruption in Conan Exiles

Corruption is a status effect that will leave you defenseless if not addressed quickly. Any time its applied, your maximum health and stamina will be reduced. This is much more dangerous than taking normal damage, since it decreases your overall pool of health.

To make matters worse, using normal healing items will not fix this condition. You’ll still recover health, but it will only go up to a reduced maximum. In order to recover your full health and stamina, you’ll need to seek out a few special items.

The best way to remove corruption is to consume either a Cleansing Brew or a Heart of a Hero. These items will instantly heal the affliction, allowing your health and stamina to return to their normal maximum value.

However, these are not the only solutions. There is one special armor piece, the Champion’s Leggings, which can remove corruption over time. It’s not an instant fix like a Cleansing Brew, though. Instead, one point is removed every 30 seconds. It’s the slowest of all solutions, but it does work.

Finally, you can lean into the power of your thralls. Entertainer thralls can remove corruption at a base rate of five points per second. The effect is increased with higher-level thralls, up to 12 points removed per second at tier four.

Keep these solutions in mind next time you go out exploring. Spending time in Ancient Ruins or deep caves with lingering magic will likely inflict corruption. So, too, will fighting magic-based enemies such as demons or the undead. Ultimately, being inflicted with corruption is inevitable. It’s how you prepare for it that prevents you from succumbing to it.