Conan Exiles Layered Silk | How to Make

Crafting in Conan Exiles requires that you know specific information before beginning another recipe. After all, how do you improve what you have when you don’t know how to make what it comes from in the first place? Such is the case for Layered Silk, an upgrade to normal silk and a new way to craft certain armor. If you’re confused about how to craft it, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, we provide some assistance.

How to Make Layered Silk in Conan Exiles

How to Make Layered Silk in Conan Exiles

Before you can start making Layered Silk, you’ll need the knowledge to unlock the recipe. You’ll need the Exile Epics knowledge in order to unlock Layered Silk. This can only be unlocked with knowledge points if you already know how to make Star Metal Tools, and the Armorer skillset.

Once you have the knowledge unlocked, you’ll be able to make the Layered Silk. But before you can begin, you’ll need the requisite ingredients. Two are required: Silk and Alchemical Base.

Silk is pretty easy. This is mostly acquired from combining two Gossamer, 10 Fat Grub, or five Zathite bags as well as one Venom-Purified Blood.

The second thing you’ll need is Alchemical Base. This is crafted from two Silver dust, one Gold dust, and two ichor.

Once you’ve got these together, all you need to do is bring them to the Tanner’s Table. The recipe calls for four Silk and two Alchemical base, so make sure you have both before attempting to craft it.

Once you do have the ingredients, the crafting should take eight seconds, and award you with the Layered Silk. As for what you can make with it, there’s plenty. For starters, you’ll have access to the entire Reinforced Skelos Cultist outfit as well as the Bone Conjurer’s Outfit. However, you’ll only be able to make the Bone Conjurer’s armor if you have the Isle of Siptah DLC installed on your copy of the game.

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