Conan Exiles | What Do Horses Eat?

Having a faithful companion in Conan Exiles can be beneficial to your survival. While you can tame some animals to help you on your adventure, nothing beats the usefulness of a horse. Horses are a great way to get around the exiled lands, but you’ll have to make sure that they’re well-fed. So, on that note: what do horses eat? We’ve got the answer for you below.

What To Feed Horses in Conan Exiles

What To Feed Horses in Conan Exiles

Horses in Conan Exiles primarily eat vegetables. You cannot feed horses any kind of meat. It’s recommended you stick to things like Berries. If your horse is low on health, you can replenish their health with food like Asura’s Glory, this will give them a 10 health per second boost. This is very helpful in the event that your horse is low on health.

However, there’s another thing that feeding your horse does that can be even more helpful if you’re planning on keeping it as a companion for an extended period of time. The first thing you eat after your horse levels up will change the chances of your horse prioritizing a specific attribute next level.

Horses have three stats: Strength, Vitality, and Agility. One will increase per level. However, you can influence which one does by what you feed the horse. This will only work once per level, and it will only work if it’s the first thing you feed your horse after it levels up. So, if you want your horse to increase its strength, you’ll want to feed it Grey-flower lupine first. This will increase its chances to gain strength by 14% next level.

If you want to increase its chances to level up in Agility, you’ll want to feed it bark. Bark will apply a 14% chance to gain agility next level. For Vitality, the same 14% chance increase next level is applied when you feed your horse Vines.

There are other foods that will do the same, but these three mentioned have the highest chance increase. If you happen to have a black or white horse courtesy of the Riders of Hyboria DLC, the horse’s diet will be the same, but the chances to increase stats will be different. Feeding certain foods, like hops or Leavening Agent, to these new horses will have a chance to increase the “Grit” stat. However, this effect only applies to Black, and White horses.

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