Destiny 2 Learning Light Quest | How to Get

If you’re looking for new activities to undertake in Destiny 2, look no further than the Learning Light quest. Introduced in the recent Witch Queen expansion, it provides seasoned players with even more raids and missions to enjoy. However, it’s not immediately accessible once you load the expansion for the first time, leading players to ask exactly how to get it. Worry not, as we look at how to get the Destiny 2 Learning Light quest.

How to Get the Learning Light Quest in Destiny 2

Learning Light quest

Yes, actually unlocking the Learning Light quest is a surprisingly tricky process. In fact, you’ll need to have already completed plenty of the quests from previous expansions, or it may not appear. More specifically, it’s tied to the New Light quest line, and the A Guardian Rises quests that were present from the base game.

First things first, you should make an effort to complete as many A Guardian Rises quests as you can. Even if you own the New Light quests and start making your way through them, you won’t unlock the Learning Light quest unless you’ve made decent progress in the former questline.

One thing you should know is that A Guardian Rises requires you to make a completely new guardian to use in those missions. It’ll definitely come as bad news to players who have used the same character throughout, but it’s crucial to actually progressing.

Once you’ve done a good amount of A Guardian Rises quests, you unlock the New Light campaign. From there, it’s a matter of plodding through those missions, because the Learning Light quest will naturally unlock as you make your way through them. Sadly, there’s no easier way to do it. Your only choice is to grind through other quests, but Destiny 2 diehards are more than used to that by now.

Once you’ve played enough of the New Light campaign, you’ll see Learning Light pop up as unlocked. Then you can dive into that fresh batch of missions, giving you tons more to do in Destiny 2.