Disney Dreamlight Valley Beignets Recipe | How to Make

There’s plenty to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but like most things energy is spent when you do something in the game. However, you can get yourself some extra energy by eating food. One treat you’ll want to know how to make is the Beignets recipe, as its ingredients are easy to find and they’ll provide a nice boost in energy!

How to Make Beignets in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Beginets Recipe

The Beignets recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be made by combining Wheat, Eggs, Sugarcane, and Canola. Toss these four ingredients into a pot and you’ll have a yummy 4-Star dessert.

The best thing about the Beignets recipe is that it restores 912 energy and is relatively easy to make. Oh, and you can sell it for 524 coins, which is pretty solid given that it’s an easy 4-Star recipe.

Wheat can be purchased from Goofy’s Stalls in Peaceful Meadow, you can buy them for 3 Star Coins or purchase seeds for 1 Coin. However, you’ll have to let them grow if you want to use them.

Eggs can be purchased at Chez Remy for 220 Star Coins. For Canola, unlock the Forest of Valor for 3,000 Dreamlight and repair Goofy’s Stall. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to purchase seeds from 2 5Star Coins. It’ll take a while to grow, just over a half hour in real-time before you can cook the dish.

Lastly, you’ll want to head out to Dazzle Beach (1,000 Dreamlight to unlock) for the Sugar Cane. You’ll have to go to Goofy’s Stall and get your hands on it. The seeds will cost five Star Coins and take seven minutes to grow.

Now, once you’ve got all your ingredients together for the Beignet recipe, you’ll need to find a stove. Drop all the ingredients into the pot and once it’s done cooking, you’ll have some tasty treats to eat.