Disney Dreamlight Valley Biscuits Recipe | How to Make

Throughout your playthrough of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’re going to come across recipes, or experiment with ingredients yourself to find out what makes a meal. One of the easier three-star dishes you can come discover is the Biscuits recipe. They’re simple snacks that can provide a good amount of energy for what they’re worth. Here are the ingredients you need to make this staple snack.

How to Make Biscuits in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Biscuits in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Biscuits, as a three-star dish, require three ingredients to make: Wheat, Sugarcane, and Butter.

You’ll likely be growing Wheat from the moment you take your first steps in Dreamlight Valley. Mickey will provide you with Wheat seeds in his second quest. You can also buy them from the Peaceful Meadow store as soon as Goofy is available.

Sugarcane requires some more preparation, as you’ll need to unlock Dazzle Beach. From here, start clearing out Night Thorns, or repair and upgrade Goofy’s Stall. One way or the other, you’ll secure yourself some Sugarcane seeds. For best results, plant and grow them along the beach.

A good tip is to check in the Ingredients section of the Collection menu and find out how long it takes for an ingredient to grow, and plan ahead. In this case, Sugarcane grows in seven minutes, and Wheat grows in one minute. If you plant your Sugarcane at the Beach first then grow your wheat in the Meadow, you should have both harvests ready together.

The final ingredient you’ll need for the Biscuit recipe is Butter. To get it, you’ll have to unlock Remy by completing his Important Night at the Restaurant quest in his realm. You’ll then need to follow his quest line until you reopen Chez Remy in the Plaza.

From here, you can purchase butter from the restaurant pantry. With that final ingredient in place, it’s all about putting the pieces together!

Before you head to your Stove, be sure to mine some Coal Ore from one of the outcrops across the Village, as you’ll need it as the catalyst to cook your ingredients. Now, find that stove, combine your Wheat, Sugarcane, and Butter, and you’ve just made yourself your first batch of Biscuits.

Still cooking up delight in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here are a few guides to help with dessert: