Disney Dreamlight Valley Buñuelos | How to Make

New recipes are always being introduced to the Disney Dreamlight Valley menu and the “A Festival of Friendship” update has done just that. Since one of the characters introduced in the patch was the magical Mirabel, the developers fittingly brought the Buñuelos recipe into the game. This dish is especially important because it’s a requirement in completing her last quest. To help you out in making this delicious treat, we’ve written down all the ingredients you’ll need below.

How to Make Buñuelos in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Buñuelos in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to make Buñuelos, you’ll need to use the following four ingredients: Wheat, Cheese, Milk, and Eggs. This is relatively one of the easiest recipes to make in Disney Dreamlight Valley since most of the ingredients can be acquired in one place.

To get Wheat, you’ll need to head to Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow area. Once there, you can purchase it for only three Star Coins. Alternatively, you can also buy Wheat Seeds for one Star Coin instead. However, you’ll have to wait three minutes for it to grow.

The next three ingredients, Milk, Cheese, and Eggs, can all be bought at the Chez Remy pantry. These are all being sold at the restaurant for 230, 180, and 220 Star Coins respectively. However, you will have to finish the little chef’s second quest first before he starts selling these ingredients.

After acquiring all three ingredients, simply head over to any stove within the Valley to make it. We recommend using the one at Chez Remy because this is where you’ll be getting most of your ingredients. It’s worth noting that even though this dish is a requirement in Mirabel’s final quest, you’ll also need to make a few other meals, which include a Large Seafood Platter and Chocolate Cookies.

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