Disney Dreamlight Valley Burlap Bags | How to Craft

Decorating your house is something that’s always included in a life sim game. From titles like The Sims to Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, decoration is key to showing off your style to friends. Disney Dreamlight Valley is no different, and if you want to decorate your garden on the outside, you’ll need some Burlap Bags. How can you get some? Read on to learn more.

How to Craft Burlap Bags in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Craft Burlap Bags in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Burlap Bags serve almost no functional purpose in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They’re effectively just decorations you use to make the Garden feel more lived-in. However, the bags are used during Wall-E’s questline.

The quest that requires burlap bags is called “Village Project: The Garden”. You’ll be tasked by the charming little robot to build a garden. This requires you to acquire some materials, one of them being burlap bags.

Burlap Bags are simple to craft, since you only need two ingredients to make them: Fiber and Soil.

Finding soil is extremely easy. Make your way through the Plaza, the Forest of Valor, the Peaceful Meadow, and The Glade of Trust. You’ll find soil on the ground, which you can pick up. If you happen to have a shovel, digging through the grass can net you soil as well.

Next, you’ll need some fiber. To make fiber, all you need is seaweed. First, make your way to Dazzle Beach. Second, you’ll need to use your fishing rod to cast into spots that don’t have bubbles, otherwise you’ll reel fish in. If you cast into the open water, you’ll net seaweed, which can be crafted into five fiber.

Continue doing this until you have enough for a burlap bag. The recipe calls for 10 Soil, and 20 fiber. If you’re doing the quest for Wall-E, you’ll need to make three of them. This amounts to 30 Soil, and 60 Fiber in total.

And that’s how you craft burlap bags, they’re a nice decoration to show off your green thumb to others!

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