Disney Dreamlight Valley Cherry Pie | How to Make

A large variety of classic desserts litter the recipe list of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Although most of them are impossible to make in real life, some are long-time staples in restaurant menus. One example of a popular in-game dish that can be found at any local diner is the Cherry Pie. If you’re having trouble finding out what the ingredients are for this meal, then we’ve got you covered.

How to Make Cherry Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Cherry Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make the Cherry Pie recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to collect these ingredients: Cherry, Butter, and Wheat.

Cherry, the most important ingredient, can be found growing on trees in the Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau biomes. If you want the cheaper option, we recommend unlocking the latter since it only costs 7,000 Dreamlight.

How to Make Cherry Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Keep in mind, though, that Cherry Trees in the Sunlit Plateau can only be found past the bridge. This means that you’ll either need to open the Forgotten Lands biome or progress through Scar’s questline before you can get to it.

On the other hand, the Frosted Heights biome has Cherry Trees readily available within the opening area. Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive areas in the game as it costs 10,000 Dreamlight to unlock.

The next ingredient, Butter, can be purchased at the Chez Remy pantry for 190 Star Coins. However, the little chef will only start selling ingredients at his restaurant after you’ve finished his second quest.

Last but not least, Wheat can be bought at Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow for three Star Coins each. If you’re looking to save on money, then you can also purchase Wheat Seeds instead for only one Star Coin.

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