Disney Dreamlight Valley Crocodiles | What to Feed

Disney Dreamlight Valley has plenty of interactable pieces that come together to create a lived-in and delightful game. Aside from the characters, the cooking, and the farming, there are companions. Companions will follow you around the world and be there for you as you do your tasks. Among these companions are crocodiles. But, before they can be your buddies, you need to feed them. So, what do they eat? We have the answer below.

What to Feed Crocodiles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

What to Feed Crocodiles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Crocodiles in Disney Dreamlight Valley like to be fed Lobsters.

If you want a crocodile as a companion, you need to start looking in the Glade of Trust. However, in order to feed a crocodile, you’ll have to sneak up on it when it’s looking down at the ground. If they happen to catch you while they’re looking up, they’ll run away. So, you’ve got to be sneaky when it comes to feeding these creatures.

Once you do get close, you can feed it to build trust with it. Once enough trust is built, it will follow you around as a pet. If you happen to feed the crocodile its favorite food, you will grain Dream Shards. These allow you to speed up waiting times in the game. You can always get dream shards by feeding animals their favorite food. However, you can only feed them once per day.

Finding lobsters is easy. All you need to do is use your fishing rod in the Glade of Trust. Look for golden fishing spots in the water, and be sure to catch those. Lobsters can only be found in golden fishing spots. After that, if you haven’t fed the crocodile, you can sneak up on them and feed them the lobster.

And that’s how to get the crocodile’s favorite food. There are plenty of other animals in the Valley, and you can use their favorite foods to help stockpile on dream shards!

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