Disney Dreamlight Valley Gets Frozen and Encanto Content This Month

Disney has been hard at work bringing its live service title Disney Dreamlight Valley to the masses. Taking notes from other hit games in the genre, there are plenty of references and characters for hardcore Disney fans to enjoy. Disney even plans to expand this into the coming year as well, introducing characters from both Frozen and Encanto. Keep reading for all the details.

Dreamlight Valley Adds Olaf and Encanto This February

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 Roadmap

Posted on the game’s offical website, Disney Dreamlight Valley has announced new plans for the first half of 2023. In the image provided in the news post, players are going to expect a new character coming to the game this month: Mirabel from Encanto. The developers have also hinted that Olaf from Frozen is going to be joining the Valley as well, through a tweet showcasing some new key art to the game.

However, this isn’t everything they’re planning to give players this coming year. Once April rolls around in 2023, players are going to be able to add Simba to their list of friends, as this Lion King is going to be making his way to the Valley as well.

Early summer also marks some interesting additions to the game too, with the Tagline “Unveil the Secrets to The Forgetting” as well as hinting at a new princess “racing” to the Valley. With the art showcasing a little cottage made out of a pumpkin. As for who that is, it’s up to fan speculation.

The roadmap also mentions that more content is going to be added by the end of the year. These include the likes of multiplayer, more characters and realms, clothing and motifs, and of course, decorations and furniture.

The game at the moment still costs 30 dollars, but there are plans to make the game free to play sometime in the future. After all, the game is still in Early Access. Until then, though, it’s a single price to enter. But don’t worry; there’s going to be plenty of content to go around once the game reaches free-to-play status.