Disney Dreamlight Valley Mocha Recipe | How to Make

There’s plenty of ways to wake up in the morning, and for the villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley, a Mocha is a good choice. With coffee being one of the new additions to the game, players are wondering how to make these delicious caffeinated beverages. Well, good news: Mocha is a very simple recipe requiring only three specific ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need.

How to Make Mocha in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Mocha in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mocha is relatively simple to make once you know what recipes to look for. It’s similar to the way you’d make a Latte, including coffee beans and milk. However, the mocha is different thanks to its new third ingredient: Cocoa beans.

To get your hands on these three ingredients, you’ll need to know where to look. For one, coffee beans can be found on Dazzle Beach. However, you’re going to need to complete the quest line to unlock Stitch as a villager. Once you unlock him, continuing his friendship quest, you can unlock the coffee sapling which can be planted in the glade of trust. This is where you’ll harvest the coffee beans.

Once you have the coffee beans, don’t leave just yet, as you’ll need to get your hands on some cocoa beans as well. They’re found on trees, which makes them easy to find.

The last thing you’re going to need is milk. This is easy to acquire if you have Chez Remy unlocked. All you need to do is purchase it from the pantry. With that said, it’s going to cost a pretty penny, so make sure you have enough.

Once you’ve acquired all three ingredients, you’ll need to make your way to a stove, and put the ingredients in. Use one coal to cook them, and you’ll be given the mocha, and the recipe to make it again. As for what you can do with it, you can use it to regain energy, sell it for coins, or give it to a villager to increase their friendship level.