Disney Dreamlight Valley Night Shards | How to Get

Completing quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley mostly consists of you bringing items to other people. One of these items is the Mysterious Night Shard. However, very little direction is given on how to acquire them. How do you find this elusive item? Don’t worry, we can help you track them down.

How to Get Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’re looking for Night Shards in the Valley, you’re going to need to know what tool to use. The tool you’ll be using to hunt down these items is the shovel. If you just started the game and don’t have it, you’ll be given the quest to find them early on. To get the shovel and start looking for Night Shards, you’ll find it next to Chez Remy, sticking out of the ground.

Now that you have the shovel, it’s time to go find some Night Shards. They’re really easy to find, as you can find them in any biome. What you’ll be looking for specifically is glistening mounds of dirt on the ground. Once you find one, all you need to do is dig it up. However, you will most likely not find a Night Shard on the first try. Still, if you dig up enough, you’ll be able to find plenty for your needs.

As for what they’re used for, they’re used to complete certain quests throughout the game. However, one of them may ask you to purify a shard to complete the quest. In reality, you’ll only need to hand some over to complete the majority of quests. The quests won’t ask for a lot of them either, so don’t worry about having to grind out a lot of them.

Although, it’s recommended that you dig up every spot you can find so you always have the shards on hand for when you need them. Otherwise you’ll be spending more time than you’d like putting them together.