Disney Dreamlight Valley Okra Soup Recipe | How to Make

There are plenty of things to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley, from quests for characters or just hanging with the crew. However, one of the best ways to make money and stay full of energy is by cooking. Along your culinary quest, you’ll eventually need to craft Okra Soup. If you aren’t sure which ingredients are needed for the recipe, we can help.

How to Make Okra Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Okra Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Okra Soup is one of the simplest recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The only ingredient you need is okra. Take it to the stove, throw it into a pot, and you’ll unlock the Okra Soup recipe. The only real trick to it is finding okra to begin with.

To find okra, you’ll have to head to the Glade of Trust. Once you’re there, you can find it by going to Goofy’s stall and purchasing it from him. However, his stock changes every calendar day, so if it’s not there, you might have to come back the next day.

However, if you upgrade Goofy’s stall, there’s a chance you can get it pretty easily any day, as the seeds will be available. If you plant the seeds in the Glade of Trust, you can also grow them faster than you would by planting them anywhere else.

Each recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley is rated from one to five stars. The number is determined by how many ingredients are included in a recipe. For example, Sake Sushi includes only two ingredients, which makes it a two-star meal. However, Potato Leek Soup requires the use of four ingredients, which makes it a four-star meal. The more stars, and the more ingredients used, the more the food will sell for. The rating also affects the amount of energy restored.

Of course, Okra Soup is just a one-star recipe. It’s not the most valuable, nor does it replenish much energy. Thankfully, it couldn’t be much easier to throw together.