Disney Dreamlight Valley Orange Star Lily | Where to Find

Disney Dreamlight Valley will often require players to collect different resources in order to create specific items. Some of the more common crafting materials in the game are the different flowers that can be found throughout each biome. One example of a flower you may eventually need at some point in your journey is the Orange Star Lily. So if you’re wondering where you can find this specific plant, then we’ve got you covered.

Where to Find Orange Star Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Orange Star Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can find the Orange Star Lily in random spots throughout the Forest of Valor biome. Before you can access this location, however, you’ll have to unlock it first by spending 3,000 Dreamlight.

Once you’ve opened it, we recommend checking the sections near Goofy’s Stall and the Pillar of Courage. Several flowers can frequently be found blooming within these areas so you may be able to find some quickly there.

If you weren’t able to find any, we suggest progressing through Anna’s questline to unlock the region past the bridge in the Forest of Valor. Completing her third quest will grant you the necessary upgrade that can help you get rid of tree stumps. With the entirety of the biome accessible, you’ll have more chances of finding the flower you’re looking for.

In case you’ve picked all of the Orange Star Lily’s already and you still need some, you will have to wait one whole day before they respawn. Unfortunately, this is the only other method of acquiring it since there’s no way of influencing spawn rates in the game.

After you’ve acquired the Orange Star Lily, you can use it in crafting the Yellow and White Flower Rectangle. Keep in mind, though, that this flower isn’t the only component and you will need a few more materials to complete it.

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