Disney Dreamlight Valley Pawpsicles Recipe | How to Make

Disney Dreamlight Valley contains meals referencing many of their beloved titles, and when you obtain the Pawpsicle recipe, you’ll realize it’s no exception to this rule. These fruit-flavored ice pops can be found in Zootopia. But with your culinary skills, they can be brought to the Valley, too. There’s only one problem, what ingredients are needed to make Pawpsicles?

How to Make Pawpsicles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Pawpsicles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The three-star Pawpsicle recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley calls for Sugarcane, Slush Ice, and your choice of fruit.

For the easiest Pawpsicle ingredient, we’ll start with Sugarcane. Once you’ve unlocked Dazzle Beach, you can find Sugarcane seeds by removing Night Thorns in the area, or buying them from Goofy’s Stall.

Plant the sugarcane somewhere on the beach and water them. They only require one splash from your watering can and take about ten minutes to grow. If you’ve upgraded Goofy’s Stall and catch it on the right rotation, you can sometimes buy raw Sugarcane directly.

A variety of fruits are readily obtainable across the Valley. So, this ingredient really depends on where you want to source it. The easiest option might be picking up some Blueberries while you’re waiting for your Sugarcane to grow. You can find them along the coast of Dazzle Beach.

Alternatively, there are Raspberries and Apples in the Plaza. And since that’s where you’ll find Chez Remy for the last ingredient, they could be great options for this meal, too.

Slush Ice is going to be the most difficult ingredient to obtain in the Pawpsicle recipe. That’s because it’s the last item unlocked in Chez Remy’s pantry. To obtain it, you need to have a Level 10 friendship with Remy. You’ll also need to complete his final personal quest, The Unknown Flavor.

From here, it’s just a process of heading to a stove and putting these three ingredients into the pot. If you’ve just picked up some Slush Ice, there’s always the stove directly behind you at Chez Remy’s.

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