Disney Dreamlight Valley Savory Fish Recipe | How to Make

While playing Disney Dreamight Valley, the Disney and Pixar characters you unlock will have rotating Favorite Gifts, and will request meals while sitting at Chez Remy’s. Savory Fish crops up more than once in these rotations, so it’s worth learning how to make. Here’s a look at the ingredients you’ll need.

How to Make Savory Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Savory Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Savory Fish is a relatively simple two-star recipe requiring only Fish and a Lemon. It’s really as simple as that, and is an excellent source of energy while clearing out the Valley.

To catch a Fish, you’ll first need a Fishing Rod. Once you’ve found the pickaxe and broken the rocks blocking the way from the Plaza to the Peaceful Meadow, you’ll find a broken fishing rod next to one of the area’s ponds. Take it back to Goofy’s house, and he’ll fix it right up for you!

Now that you have a fishing rod, you can fish anywhere there’s water. For successful angling, aim for the white, blue or gold areas in the water, denoted by their bubbles and rippling water.

Head to a pond in Peaceful Meadow until you catch some type of fish, like a Bass, Catfish or Rainbow Trout.

Lemons grow wild on trees in two biomes: the Forest of Valor and the Glade of Trust. These areas can be unlocked from the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, or Dazzle Beach. The Forest of Valor will set you back 3,000 Dreamlight and the Glade of Trust will cost you 5,000 Dreamlight.

From here, you can pick your lemon, and head back to a stove, ingredients in hand. Make sure that you’ve got some Coal Ore, too. Combine the two ingredients together in the pot, and congratulations,you’ve made a Savory Fish meal.

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