Disney Dreamlight Valley Snowballs | How to Get

The different types of biomes found in Disney Dreamlight Valley are incredibly important when it comes to your in-game progression. Some of the quests you’ll find within can only be started or finished once you’ve unlocked a specific area. The Frosted Heights in particular is a significant location because it’s the only zone in the game that contains Snowballs. If you need help in finding more of this resource, then we’ve got you covered.

How to Get Snowballs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Snowballs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to get Snowballs, you will first need to unlock the Frosted Heights biome for 10,000 Dreamlight. Before you can enter it, however, you will also need to open the Forest of Valor biome for 3,000 Dreamlight beforehand.

Once you’ve gained access to the Frosted Heights biome, you’ll be able to find Snowballs lying on the ground in random spots throughout the area. The frustrating thing about this is that after you’ve collected all that there is, you will need to wait a certain amount of time before these items respawn.

harvesting snowballs

Fortunately, there is still a way to get Snowballs even after you’ve collected the ones that are on the ground. This time around, you will need to use your Shovel to dig through the ground of the Frosted Heights biome. Digging up any spot within the area has a possibility of yielding a Snowball each time. This means that if you dig up enough spots, you’ll be able to acquire the necessary amount of Snowballs you need.

This tip especially comes in handy once you’ve started Anna’s final quest. One of the requirements needed to complete it tasks you with obtaining 40 Snowballs. Now that you know you can use your Shovel to collect Snowballs, you should have a much easier time finishing it.

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