Disney Dreamlight Valley Tuna Burger | How to Make

Burgers are a staple of the food world, and Disney Dreamlight Valley knows this. You can make burgers yourself if you want to. But there are other burgers in the Valley as well. One of these is the Tuna Burger, which is among the game’s five-star recipes. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to put it together.

How to Make a Tuna Burger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make a Tuna Burger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make a Tuna Burger in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need five ingredients: tuna, onion, lemon, wheat, and any vegetable.

The main ingredient you’re likely to need is tuna. There are a few places to fish for it. You can catch these fish in the Glade of Trust as well as the Forgotten Lands. Since tuna is a white rarity, they’re really easy to catch. All you need to do is find a body of water and cast your line in on a white circle. It may take some time, but you’ll eventually get your hands on some tuna.

If you’re still in the Glade of Trust, you can find the next ingredient, onions. You can get these by going to Goofy’s stall and purchasing them.

For the third ingredient, you’ll need to get some lemon. You can also find these in the Glade of Trust, growing off of various trees. However, if you can’t find them there, you can always check out the Forest of Valor, as lemons grow on the trees there too.

For the bun, you need some wheat. This can be found in the Peaceful Meadows, from Goofy’s stall.

Last, but not least, you’re going to need another vegetable. The game lets you choose whichever one you want. For example, you could get tomatoes, which can be bought in the Glade of Trust from Goofy’s stall.

Once you have everything, head to a pot, and put your ingredients in. Once you cook with one piece of coal, you’ll be given the Tuna Burger and unlock its recipe. You can use the dish to replenish your energy or give it to some villagers to increase their friendship level.

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