Disney Dreamlight Valley Vegetarian Taco Recipe | How to Make

There are all sorts of Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. From pizza to seafood and all dishes between, cooking is a great way to keep your energy up and sell for some extra spending cash. One of these recipes is the Vegetarian Taco. But if you’re not familiar with this food, you may not know which ingredients you need. Don’t worry, we can help.

How to Make Vegetarian Taco in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Vegetarian Taco in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Vegetarian Taco recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley calls for Chili Peppers, Cheese, Corn, and any kind of vegetable. The final ingredient can be any vegetable you like, so long as it isn’t one of the previously used ingredients.

To get your hands on any kind of vegetable, just go to one of Goofy’s stalls in one of the biomes. Once you’ve found one of them, just buy any kind of vegetable. At least, one that isn’t corn.

Once you’ve pick a veggie, head to the Sunlit Plateau to grab the Chili Peppers. Then you’re going to head to Dazzle Beach to find Goofy’s stall. There you’ll find the corn you need to make the Vegetarian Taco.

Once you’ve got these three, you can head over to Chez Remy. This is where you’ll get the cheese for the Vegetarian Taco.

After you’ve got all the ingredients, your work is effectively done. Take them to a pot, put all four ingredients into the pot, and you’ll have made the Vegetarian Taco.

The Vegetarian Taco is a four-star meal, meaning it includes four ingredients. But, that value also makes more money for you. The more ingredients, the more a dish will be worth. Cooking food can also allow you to make more money by selling them. It’s a good way to make a couple of extra dollars for other foods or items to help with construction in the Valley. Cooking food with more stars also guarantees more energy is restored when you consume it.

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