Disney Dreamlight Valley Veggie Casserole Recipe | How to Make

When doing Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the residents of the game will task you with either acquiring or making something for them. One of these characters is Remy from the movie Ratatouille. During his quest to convince him to go to the Valley with you, he’ll ask you to choose to make Veggie Casserole. Cooking in the Valley is quite simple: all you need to know is which ingredients to use. So, which do you need for this dish? Read on to find out.

How to Make Veggie Casserole in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Veggie Casserole in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Veggie Casserole recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley calls for four ingredients: Cheese, any spice, and any two vegetables.

Just about any vegetables will work for this recipe. To keep things easy, we recommend going to Frosted Heights to get your hands on a Cucumber. This is done by going to Goofy’s Stall in that biome and purchasing it. Sometimes, if you don’t have the stall upgraded enough, you might have to buy the seeds or the actual vegetable. If you end up with the seeds, you’ll have to plant them and wait about an hour and fifteen minutes before harvesting.

Finding a second vegetable is again up to you, just about any vegetable should work. The dish seems to take essentially any veggie, but there may be some which don’t apply. Eggplant, tomato, zucchini, broccoli, bell pepper; all of these can be used.

Next, you’ll need to get your hands on some spice. It doesn’t matter which spice, but some of the easier ones to get are close to home. There’s Wild Oregano that you can find in the plaza.

The last thing you’ll need is cheese. Since cheese is made from milk, and milk can’t be grown, then you’ll have to find it somewhere else. Most items that are made from livestock are found in the pantry in Chez Remy.

Once you’ve got all of the items, take them to a stove and add them to the pot. Once it’s done cooking, you’ll end up with a Veggie casserole as well as the recipe to make it again.