Disney Dreamlight Valley Veggie Pie Recipe | How to Make

While cleaning up the Dreamlight Valley, you may come across a Veggie Pie recipe. Pie recipes turn simple harvested ingredients, and a few from the pantry, into a dish with excellent energy regeneration, allowing you to continue improving the home of your new Disney friends. So, how do you make a Veggie Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valey?

How To Make Veggie Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Veggie Pie Recipe

As a three-star dish, the Veggie Pie recipe isn’t the most complex dish to create, but it provides great rewards for you. To make it, you’ll need wheat, butter, and any vegetable. Not only is it great for regaining energy, but they also make great gifts for your Disney and Pixar friends.

As with all pie recipes, you’ll need two basic ingredients to start with: wheat and butter. With these, you can make any of the pie dishes with a few more ingredients. Wheat is used in so many recipes, and while you can usually buy wheat directly from Goofy’s stall, it’s well worth buying wheat seeds from Goofy and growing a bunch of wheat instead. You’re going to need it for many recipes in the future, too!

For the butter, you’ll have to head to our favorite Ratatouille-cooking chef, Remy. Once you’ve unlocked Chez Remy by completing his first quest, An Important Night at the Restaurant, you can purchase butter from his pantry at any time. It’s worth seeking out Remy as early as possible to make sure you can rummage through the pantry for cooking!

As it’s a Veggie Pie, you’ll of course need the pie filling, and for that, you’ll need any one vegetable. You’ll likely have a surplus of carrot seeds and other veggie seeds from completing basic tasks in the Valley. Actions such as clearing night thorns and foraging can result in finding seeds, but if you’re in a pinch, check Goofy’s Stall: he might have some vegetables in stock when you pop by.

Now you’ve collected all of your ingredients, head to a stove, and as always, remember that cooking any dish requires a single piece of coal to heat up your stove. Combine all of these ingredients, and congratulations! You’ve cooked your first Veggie Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once you’ve made a few Veggie Pies, see who you can give them to. The characters have rotating favorite items that give a bonus to friendship when you give it to them!

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