Disney Dreamlight Valley Worms | Where to Find

While playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, several characters will send you on errands. Most are simple tasks, but you’ll often need to find some specific ingredient or item. While working for Maui, you’ll eventually need to get your hands on some worms. So, where are you supposed to find them? For that, you’ll need to take a look at your surroundings.

Where to Find Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’re looking for worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’re probably in the middle of the “Burying the Eel” Quest from Maui. This is the only time in the game where worms are an item you can acquire.

When doing the quest, Maui will mention that worms can be found near lakes. However, he’s not telling you the whole truth. While it is correct that you can find worms around lakes in the Valley, what Maui doesn’t mention is that they can be found around any body of water. You can dig for worms on the banks of any river, pond, or lake.

All you need to do is find one of these bodies of water, then equip your trusty shovel. Once you do that, look for glowing dig spots around the edge of the water. You cannot miss them, as they’re larger than the normal digging spots around the ponds.

You only need three worms for Maui’s quest. Once you hand those to him, you won’t be able to find them any more.

Thankfully, this quest will reward you with something better than worms: Coconuts. Coconuts can be very helpful when it comes to making dishes. Even though food like Apple Pie, and Simple Fried Perch don’t require Coconut, there are some in the Valley that do. Namely, you’ll use it for Coconut Cake and Ice Cream.

Completing this quest will also increase your friendship with the demi-god Maiu. Afterward, coconut trees will begin to grow naturally on the beach. So, while the worms are only used for one quest, they’re important if you want to progress with not only your friendships, but food items as well.