Disney Dreamlight Valley Wrapping Paper | Where to Find

Disney Dreamlight Valley continues its tradition of celebrating real-world holidays with its own unique events. With the festive season finally here, the game now gives players the ability to give gifts to residents as part of the new ‘Ho Ho Ho!’ Christmas-themed task. In order to make these presents, however, you’ll need to gather ten pieces of Festive Wrapping Paper. Luckily, we’re here to do the hard work for you. Here’s the location of this elusive crafting item.

Where to Find Festive Wrapping Paper in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Festive Wrapping Paper in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Festive Wrapping Paper is found scattered randomly outside of Scrooge’s Shop in the Plaza. Unfortunately, this is the only location that it spawns in, so once you’ve collected everything, you’ll have to wait for it to reappear.

The ‘Ho Ho Ho!’ Festive Task requires you to give ten gifts to Disney Dreamlight Valley residents. To complete it, you’ll need to gather one piece of Festive Wrapping Paper for each of the ten presents. Due to this item’s spawn amount and frequency, however, it may take a few days for you to collect the quantity that you need.

Once you’ve successfully gotten your hands on the Wrapping Paper, head over to any Crafting Station to make the gifts. There will then be four types of gifts that you can make, including Handcrafted Gift, Naughty Gift, Shiny Gift, and Delicious Gift.

You’ll also need to acquire a few specific items in addition to the Wrapping Paper to craft these presents. The Handcrafted Gift requires a Holiday Feast Chair while the Naughty Gift only needs Coal Ore. Next, you’ll need to obtain a Shiny Emerald and a Shiny Ruby to create the Shiny Gift. Finally, you’ll have to make Hot Cocoa and Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies to craft the Delicious Gift.

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