Former Halo Creative Director Joins Netflix

Halo has been touted as one of the biggest FPS games ever. Sparking the flames that helped Xbox rise to the top in the US console market, Halo has consistently made waves. While the series has been handed off to 343 industries, the old guard has moved on to brighter horizons. The former creative director of Halo, Joseph Staten, is one of them.

Joseph Staten Joins Netflix

Former Halo Creative Director Joins Netflix for AAA title

Announced yesterday on Twitter, Joseph Staten revealed that he’s going to be working with Netflix as a Creative Director on an upcoming AAA Project for the company.

Staten has been working at Microsoft for the last 20 years at this point. He’s hopped from working on the Halo series in its prime to moving into the publishing department. It wasn’t until the release of Halo Infinite that he decided to come back as the creative director for Halo. Now, he’s collaborating with Netflix on a new project.

While Staten doesn’t reveal too much about what Netflix has in store for its viewers, he did mention something. According to his tweet, the game is going to be a whole new IP, which implies that it’s not going to be attached to something Netflix has made previously.

He also mentioned that the game is going to be a multi-platform title, which also implies that it’s going to launch on consoles and PC.

While more information is going to come out in the future, how the game can be accessed is something to consider. While only speculation, this isn’t the first time that Netflix has allowed players to play games on their services. If you’re a mobile user, you can use the Netflix app to play games on the platform, by downloading them onto your phone.

However, if the game is going to be a AAA experience, this could mean something else. What that is, is having the title available on the Xbox store. Perhaps a partnership with game pass is in order? It seems only time will tell, as more information is bound to come out soon.