Grounded Basketball Hoop | How to Get

Grounded is all about surviving, which may be rather daunting at times. That’s why a new Basketball Hoop might help relieve some stress for you and your friends. The good news is you can get a Basketball Hoop rather early on in the game and even unlock an achievement with it. But first, you’ll need to build one, and we’ve got all the instructions on how to do just that, right here.

How to Get a Basketball Hoop in Grounded

How to Get a Basketball Hoop in Grounded

To construct a Basketball Hoop, you must first locate Web Fiber to scan for the recipe. Once you have the recipe, you must then gather the additional supplies: Grass Planks, a Weed Stem, and Clay. You’ll need a Shovel and an Axe to collect these supplies, but we’ll show you how get one!

You can get two Web Fibers by killing any spider species, or you may just break webs you discover in the grass. Regardless, you’ll be looking for webs in Spider territory. So, if you do end up in a fight, make it with an Orb Weaver Spider; the easier option. Orb Weavers are typically found on the North and South edges of the map, as well as in tree branches and roots.

The next step will be to throw the Web Fiber in the Resource Analyzer and scan the Basketball Hoop recipe for the remaining ingredients. The Weed Stem can be acquired from Dandelions, while Grass Planks can be obtained from Grass. All you need is a level 1 Pebblet Axe to cut down both of these components.

The last item is Clay, which is a rather tedious job. To obtain Clay, you must first create an Acorn Shovel. To do so you’ll need an Acorn Shell, which you get from smashing Acorns with a Pebblet Hammer. Once you have your Acorn Shovel you can begin searching for Clay in and around any medium-to-large bodies of water. Once you have all five Clay, your Basketball Hoop is ready to be built. Then, if you want to unlock the “From Downtown” achievement, you’ll just need to drain a shot from over 40cm away!