Grounded Black Ox Hammer | How to Get

The latest Grounded update added a bunch of new weapons to craft and unlock. One of those is the Black Ox Hammer, a high-powered two-handed force of nature. It’s not the easiest to procure, however, as you’ll not only have to defeat a number of enemies, but also get your hands on its unique crafting recipe. Luckily we’re here to help, as we run through what it takes to unlock the Black Ox Hammer in Grounded.

How to Get Black Ox Hammer in Grounded

How to Get Black Ox Hammer in Grounded

There are three steps to getting the Black Ox Hammer: defeat beetles, find the recipe, and finally craft the weapon. While they may take a little time to complete, the good news is that none of them are too arduous in terms of difficulty.

First, you’ll need to kill a bunch of beetles to harvest their Black Ox Horn and Black Ox Parts. Both of these will drop just by killing the regular Black Ox Beetles found across the map. However, they most often spawn east of the canyon, so head there to find plenty to harvest. Black Ox Beetles are notable due to their size and chunky health bar, so this could take a lot of work.

Once you’ve defeated the Black Ox Beetle and taken the items it dropped, it’s time to find the recipe. That’s very simple, as all you need to do is analyze one of the Black Ox Horn, Black Ox Parts, or Pupa Leather. Doing so will then unlock the recipe, so you’ll need to head to a workbench. Combine one Black Ox Horn, five Black Ox Parts, and two Pupa Leather, and you’ll have the Black Ox Hammer. It’s a relatively straightforward weapon to acquire, but with a solid 4 damage in its stats, it’ll serve you well as you go on to fight tougher adversaries.