Grounded Brittle Whetstone | How to Make

Combat is an important part of survival in Grounded. When you start the game, you’re helpless and forced to build a shelter as quickly as possible if you want to survive the onslaught of insects that want to eat you for lunch. However, if you’re having trouble taking out enemies with your Level 1 weapons, you might be in the need of an upgrade. Perhaps the Brittle Whetstone can help. But, how do you make one?

How to Make Brittle Whetstone in Grounded

How to Make Brittle Whetstone

To make Brittle Whetstone, you’ll need one Brittle Quartzite Shard. It’s a very simple recipe, however, if you’re just starting out in Grounded, you might not know where to find it.

Brittle Quartzite is located in a few different spots. One of the places you can look is in the Anthills around the map, but, you might need to armor up if you want to take out the enemies in the anthills. If you travel inside these underground areas, there’s a chance you’ll uncover some Brittle Quartzite to use for yourself.

You can also find deposits of it in places like the Exposed Pipe, the Flower Bed, and the Hedge Lab. Then, you’ll be able to head back to your base to make the Brittle Whetstone. You can also use the Quartzite to build the Smithing Station, which is important when it comes to upgrading weapons.

With the Brittle Whetstone, you can now improve your weapons on the go, increasing the tier of your weapons, and allowing you to do more damage against the insects that want to harm you. Furthermore, you can also go out of your way to find Sturdy Whetstone, which will help you upgrade your weapons even more, and allow you to take on some of the more dangerous enemies in the game.