Grounded Broodmother BLT Recipe Location | Where to Find

Grounded contains plenty of creative recipes that you’ll discover as you progress through your adventure. Most of the unique meals that you can create in the game are often consumable. However, there are some that can’t be eaten. That’s because they serve a completely different purpose. A perfect example of a recipe that you won’t be able to consume is the Broodmother BLT. Here’s where you can find it.

Where to find Broodmother BLT recipe in Grounded

Where to find Broodmother BLT recipe in Grounded

You can find the Broodmother BLT recipe in an elevated outpost connected to the Hedge Lab. To get to this, you’ll first need to get to the lab by navigating the Hedge Ascent. Keep in mind that even if you have the materials needed, you won’t be able to make this item in the game until you’ve acquired the recipe.

lab entrance

After reaching the lab entrance, you’ll need to head back out by using the branch that’s positioned alongside the opening. Keep walking along the branch until you reach the part of the tree that has mushrooms growing out of it.

tree mushroom path

You’ll be able to follow those mushrooms downwards. Then, you can walk forward along the resulting path until you reach another batch of mushrooms. Hop on the mushrooms to climb upwards and take the path to the left afterwards.

You’ll need to walk along the thin branch until you reach another one that’s positioned perpendicular to it. Jump onto that branch and you’ll finally be able to see the outpost that’s located at the end of it. After you’ve entered the outpost, you’ll be able to find the Broodmother BLT recipe on a white table on the left side.

Before you make the Broodmother BLT recipe, however, be warned: the Hedge Broodmother is an extremely formidable insect that is incredibly difficult to take down even with the best equipment.

You’ll be able to find its lair near the Flying Flingman Disc which is located in the Hedge Ascent. Once you’ve summoned the Broodmother, you won’t be able to leave the fight until either all players are dead or the spider’s been defeated.

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