Grounded Charcoal | How to Get

The different areas found within Grounded each hold their own unique resources you can use to craft items. Unfortunately, you might have a hard time locating these sections, as most of these areas aren’t very easy to reach. One example of a hard-to-find zone in the game is the BBQ Spill area, which contains the highly sought after Charcoal. If you want to find out how you can get this resource, then we’ve covered everything you’ll need to know below.

How to Get Charcoal in Grounded

How to Get Charcoal in Grounded

You can get Charcoal by heading to the BBQ Spill biome, which is accessed via the Upper Yard Ascent. Before you can fully climb it, you’ll need to craft an explosive to blow up the boulder blocking the path.

Once you’ve ascended and reached the Upper Yard, simply head west to get to the overturned BBQ Grill. Surrounding it will be a large amount of searing hot charcoal that will inflict Sizzling damage to you if you get too close. With this in mind, you will have to equip and bring a variety of items and perks to lessen the harmful Sizzling effect.

First, you’ll need to craft and equip the Tier 3 Antlion Armor set, as it gives you resistance to Sizzling. In order to create it, you’ll need to gather nine Antlion Parts, four Silk Ropes, and one Antlion Pincer. This will allow you to make the Antlion Wide Brim, the Antlion Poncho, and the Antlion Spurs.

Before you start hunting down Antlions for their parts, keep in mind that they are extremely powerful. This means you’ll need to equip at least decent Tier 2 protection like Ladybug Armor beforehand.

We also recommend bringing the Quesadillantlion meal, since consuming it will give you further resistance to the Sizzling effect. To make it, you’ll need to collect three Antlion Parts, six Salt Shards, and one Spicy Shard.

Lastly, you’ll have to bring a Tier 2 Hammer, such as an Insect Hammer, to break apart Charcoal pieces. After you’ve gathered the necessary equipment, go back to the BBQ Spill area again and locate the small, dark pieces of Charcoal that can be broken apart. Use your hammer on these objects to bust it open and you’ll obtain the resource you need.

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