Grounded Coup de Grass | How to Get

If you want to increase your chances of survival in Grounded, Mutations are a great way to do so. Mutations are a perk system component in Grounded that grants your character buffs and, as a result, a better chance at survival. The Coup de Grass is undoubtedly one of the perks every player will want to equip, as luck will be on your side in combat by potentially landing critical hits. That’s exactly why we show you just how to obtain the Coup de Grass Mutation in this guide.

How to Get Coup de Grass in Grounded

How to Get Coup de Grass in Grounded

To get Coup De Grass luck on your side, you must first locate the Clover Cave and discover the Four Leaf Clover. Doing so will grant you the Coup De Grass Mutation. The most difficult part of the process is venturing out and finding Clover Cave, which is well-hidden and surrounded by spiders. Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly where to go.

Before venturing off to Clover Cave, you’ll need either a Slime Mold Torch or a Slime Lantern. Because getting to Clover Cove requires swimming underwater, which is extremely dark. You also have just enough oxygen to complete the swim, so some light underwater will undoubtedly ensure that you do it first try and stay alive.

Once prepared, you can find Clover Cave in the east lake, north of the Yoked Girth Head, and south of the spider den. If you don’t want to spend too much time searching, you can head to this location on the game’s Mapgenie interactive map. Just make sure to select “hide all” then under “Places” turn on “Tunnel Entrance” and there will be a yellow marker in the bottom right indicating exactly where Clover Cave is located.

Once there, search underwater in the small ponds and you’ll find a hole, which is the hidden underwater tunnel to Clover Cave and where you’ll find the Four Leaf Clover. Then simply open your inventory, head to the Status tab and Coup De Grass will be available as a Mutation, giving you the lucky chance of a critical hit or final blow.