Grounded Creature Cards | How to Get

If you enjoy collectibles, especially those that commemorate your achievements and discoveries along the way, you should start collecting Creature Cards in Grounded. Introduced with the 0.13.1 update on May 18, Creature Cards allow you to view weaknesses, resistances, tiers, and more about the creatures you come across. If you’re lucky, you can also find gold variants of each card. So, if you want to begin collecting, keep reading because we show you exactly how to do so.

How to Get Creature Cards in Grounded

How to Get Creature Cards in Grounded

To collect Creature Cards in Grounded, you must perform the PEEPing action. Which is more commonly known in-game as “peep.r” mode. To enter PEEP mode on Xbox, simply press Y, and for PC players, press X. While PEEPing, you must hover your view over a creature (can be dead or alive) and hold down RT on Xbox or the left mouse button on PC. You’ll see a black shadowy card with question marks on it, that, after a short, time will reveal itself as that creature’s card.

You can also get Gold Cards, which will eventually have a reward for obtaining them, but don’t yet. Every time you PEEP for a Creature Card, there’s a small probability you’ll get the Gold version. This, however, is not the only way to obtain Gold Creature Cards.

You also have a chance to get Gold Cards when looting killed creatures’ bodies. So, make sure you’re always checking, because you never know your luck. Lastly, upon defeating the Assistant Manager, you’ll be granted a Gold Card. Aside from that, these are the only methods to getting Gold Cards, which are heavily RNG based.

As previously stated, Obsidian intends to implement rewards for collecting Gold Cards, but for the time being, they’ll just look nice and shiny on your mantle. Creature Cards on the other hand are worth collecting for two reasons. One, it helps you keep track of the creatures you’ve discovered, and two, it shows you exactly what these creatures’ strengths and weaknesses are, allowing you to better prepare for certain situations.